October at the Farm

Like we said earlier – Our favorite season is usually the one we are in at the time. It is the beginning of Fall and the Farm is bursting into bloom again! The Swamp Sunflowers are incredible – The most vivid yellow you will ever see mixed with the purple of the Mexican Brush Sage and it’s almost as good as a sunset.
Add a few ornamental pumpkins in a green farm wagon and you have the perfect photo oportunities.
We still have a few wedding dates available for for fall 2012…

Swamp Sunflower

Swamp Sunflowers

Pumpkin in old metal garden chair

Pumpkins at the Farm

Pumpkins in old wagon

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Seasons at Pineola Farms

One of the most common questions we get is “What is your favorite season at Pineola Farms?” That is a very difficult question because our favorite is usually the one we are in at the time…

Rustic Chicken HouseRustic wood chicken houseChicken House

View from above the Farms

Arbor with Jasmine on it

Arbor with white shears

Cotton BarnGreenhouseMaple Tree and GinkoSunset
What season do you like best?

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Christina and Sam – October 30, 2010

Where has the winter gone? Spring is almost here and it makes us want to be in the yard We have been taking advantage of the great weather. We are working on a new garden area that we are calling The Knight Garden – can’t wait for you to see.

With all of the winter projects we have been working on we need to apologize for not keeping our blog up to date. We have two weddings from last year we need to tell you about.  This is the first one.
Christina and Sam – October 30, 2010

Christina and Sam were marred at the farm on Oct 30 in the pecan orchard. We have said fall is our favorite time of year. The way all the elements of this wedding came together made it one of our favorites. Christine was a stunning bride and Sam was a handsome groom. Sam is proudly serving our country and was away a lot during the planning of the wedding but Christina made it happen.

 It was obvious to us that Sam and Christina held the keys to each other’s hearts. We had been collecting some antique keys and thought this was the perfect time to use them – on his boutonniere, her bouquet and tucked here and there throughout the reception.

Our design team knocked this one out of the park, from the chandeliers, wheat, pumpkins, keys and quilts.  Thanks to Sue and Samantha! You helped make Christina’s vision come to life. It was Halloween weekend and Christine made sure the kids were not left out. We loved her best wishes box and fall colored cards.

DJ Tiger Smith did a great job keeping everyone dancing.  Jessica and Amy, two of Pineola’s coordinating and directing team made the day run so smooth, as always. Katerings by Kelly did a great job as always. Kelly’s food is great… and her presentation is superb. Kelly also baked the wedding cakes.

We love the way Jenny Evelyn Photography captured the love that Sam and Christina have for each other. Jenny always amazes us how how she captures the majic of the day.

We loved working with Sam and Christina and feel so grateful they chose us to be a part of their perfect day.

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What Do Chickens Think? A Tribute To Mr. Cluck

It was a sad Tuesday when we woke to find our old buff rooster dead in his coup.  We loved that rooster and we are sure he loved us, and anybody else with a camera… One of our nieces named him Mr. Cluck – Whenever kids would come near the pen, he would do his funny little dance for them – He was sure that would get some cracked pecans for his girls. He would always let them eat first…
He may have been one of the most photographed chickens in Georgia. We sometimes thought more pictures were taken of him than the bride and groom at some of our weddings. We always tried to feed him some cracked corn just before a wedding to prevent him from overpowering the “I Do’s” with his famous crowing.
He was a great protector of his flock – he once was badly injured while fighting off a wild dog who was attacking his hens. He was able to scare off many hawks over the years.
He had a good life at Pineola and he brought a lot of happiness to us and everyone who knew him.

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