Calm, Cool and Collective – Our Directors

Oprah may have the best team in TV but we have the best team in weddings (just ask me). Every Bride has dreamed of her wedding day and our job is to make that dream come true (and we love this job).  Directing and coordination are the key to a smooth wedding day.  Let me introduce our team.
Calm – Jessica was the first bride to have her reception in the Cotton Barn. We were planing Jessica’s wedding years before she even met her groom. Jessica is like a daughter to us and brides tell us Jessica knows how to keep them calm.  Jessica is always calm under pressure and has been on our team the longest and we are so glad she still loves weddings.

Beautiful bride with veil
Hay Bale seating for wedding in OrchardBride in Window of Plantation House

Bride and Groom at Sunset in orchard

Cool – Amy was the first bride at Pineola with a guest list over 300 and the first time we needed a tent. Amy  understands what makes a great party. Amy knows whats cool and up to date in weddings and she still buys wedding magazines(a girl after my own heart). Brides say Amy knows how to anticipate their needs and keep the reception going.

Bride in Vintage bedroom at Pineola

Bride in Orchard before Wedding

Floral Arbor at Church

Peonies Bouquet

 Collective  – Teri was the first bride to leave on a vintage fire truck and is the new kid on our block.  Teri has such a kind heart and still gets chocked up every time a bride starts down the aisle. After every wedding Teri says “this wedding was my favorite.” Brides say Teri  keeps things together.

This team is a dream team. Our girls go over and above to make our
brides dreams come true. They are the best.

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One Response to Calm, Cool and Collective – Our Directors

  1. Anonymous says:

    You are right… you do have the dream team and you all gave me my dream wedding. Amy and Terri seemed to know my thoughts before I could think them. They anticipated EVERYTHING and made everything seem to run so effortlessly. All I had to do was enjoy every moment… which I did. Thank you!!!

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